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Automatic Hair Dryer

ING-9418 Automatic Hotel Hair & Skin Dryer

Item No.: ING-9418


1. Power: 1800W;
2. AC110-240V/50-60Hz;    
3. Motor speed: 2800r/min;
4. Sense range: 9~15cm;    
5. Material: ABS.



* Hot wind.
* Quiet and long life motor.
* Suit for both wall-mounted and drawer-kept.
* Very popular used in hotel and other places.
* With auto over-heating protection system.
* Durable and convenient.
* Trial order and OEM are welcome.
* Make your life more warm and comfortable.
* Full Beautiful and elegant, with robust, shockproof ABS plastic body.
* The axis-flow design not only increases the power but reduces the noise.