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Automatic Hand Dryer

ING-9407 Automatic Hand Dryer in Aluminium Alloy Case

Item No.: ING-9407


1. Power: 1650W; 
2. AC110-240V/50-60Hz;
3. Motor speed:2800r/min;
4. Sense range: 9~15cm;
5. Material: 
Aluminium alloy.



1. Our automatically hand dryer take the special double ball bearing motor to make the machine quick start and stable. Otherwise, Our automatically hand dryer also has many features like quieter, larger amount of air volume and longer life and so on.
2. With infrared sensing technology, microcomputer automatically protects Our automatically hand dryer from over-heating, Over-current, over-time. We have fatigue testing for more than 200,000 times and Our automatically hand dryer still works well after that. Our automatically hand dryer has the best cost-efficiency and the most stable property.
3. Every our automatically hand dryer internal key component is made of metal. Outer covering is covered by aluminum die-casting covering. This material makes the product have more heat resistance, better anti-collision. And aluminum outer covering also can be more colorful appearance.
4. Our automatically hand dryer uses ultra-thin design, make it more convenient for installation.The thickness of our automatically hand dryer is 13 cm(5.1 inch).Our automatically hand dryer is suitable installed in smaller space or can be arranged in pairs with embedded hand dryer cabinet.