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Automatic Hand Dryer

ING-9417 Hi-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

Item No.: ING-9417


1. Power: 1000W;
2. AC110-240V/50-60Hz;    
3. Motor speed: 2800r/min;
4. Sense range: 9~15cm;    
5. Material: ABS.  



1. Infrared induction system and advanced chip control technology provide stable performance and accurate control effect.
2. Over 300 thousand induction tests have been done continuously, showing no any failures in operation.
3. Newly lightweight design and fashionable style 
4. High speed power design allows hands to be dried in 8~12 seconds
5. Use fire engineering plastics and metallic paint, high quantity.
6. Multi-function protect, environment-friendly, safe.
7. It supports cool/hot air, it can be adjusted according to season.
8. Removable water receiver, prevent wetting floor and easy to clean the dirty water.
9. Wall-mounted, convenient to use.
10. It is applicable to airport, hospital, hotel, supermarket, food industry, office building and other public places.