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Automatic Hand Dryer

ING-9412P Mini Jet Hand Dryer

Item No.: ING-9412P


1. Power: 550-2000W; 

2. Warm & Cold Air Adjustable;                      

3.Drying Time: 5-7sec;

4.Sense range: 9~15cm;

5. Material: ABS;                

6. Heater: PTC; 

Model + Color

Main Features:


Model Material Heater Size(mm) Function Drying Time
ING-9412P ABS PTC 323x290x175 Warm & Cold Air 5-7s
ING-9412PA No Cold Air w/ Signal Light
ING-9412PB Cold Air


3 Different Models for Your Selection:

         ING-9412P              ING-9412PA                ING-9412PB      

       Cold & Hot Air     Cold Air W/ Signal Light         Cold Air


Multi-Color for Your Selection:


1. There are stocks for the first 3 color. So there is no MOQ request. Orders less than 10pcs can be delivered within 1 week.

2. There is no stock for the other color. All of them will only provided when the order Qty. is over 5pcs. It will take around 7-10 working days for painting and the production time will be around 3-7 working days for order less than 200pcs.

3. All the other color will ask for additional $4 for the painting cost from the white color. 




      Pearl White             Luxury Golden               Silver                 Apple Green



      Black Pearl             Bordeaux Red              China Red                    Ching



      Diamond Blue            Bright Yellow              Rose Red