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Automatic Hand Dryer

ING-9414 Economic Automatic Hand Dryer

Item No.: ING-9414

1. Power: 1800W 
2. AC110-240V/50-60Hz
3. Motor speed:2880r/min
4. Sense range: 10~20cm;
5. Material: ABS

6.Advantages:Economic Intelligent

Motor TypeBrushless
Sensing TypeTouch - free infrared
Motor Speed2880r/min
Air Temperature20-40℃
Case MaterialABS
Product Size280*265*265mm
Packing Size580*560*540mm


Detailed product description:
1. Hygiene & Water-saving
With automatic infrared sensing devices, it is a very convenient and effective to avoid waste. It also make a real hand-free access for drying and effectively prevent cross infection and re-contamination.
2. Safety Using
3 Protection Function: Over-Heating, Over-Time & Over-Current Protection.
3. Easy Installation & Maintenance
With metal shell and decent design, the installation and maintenance is very convenient.
4. Advanced Technology
Equipped with full automatic infrared ray induction system and advanced chip controlled technology, it has more steady performance and precise controlling effect.
5. Imported Engineering Plastics
With hi-class engineering plastics and metallic paint, it is firm, durable, beautiful and shining.
It is suitable for the sanitary rooms in hotels, schools, office buildings, hospitals, supermarkets and other public places and the families.